Video Walls

Leveraging the best display technology available, video walls are a visual communication solution that can transform any space. Video walls can be engineered to any shape or size: flat, curved, mosaic, static, interactive, or motorized, using advanced projection technology.



Interactive wayfinding makes it easy for people to find where they are going. Wayfinding allows users to search for people, spaces, services, and navigate buildings or campuses through a simple, touch-screen interface.



From communicating across a large enterprise to showcasing the newest product at a retail location, digital signage makes it easy to visually communicate your message and engage audiences.


Data Visualization

In today’s world data is more critical than ever. Display your data in an absorbable and visually impactful way to keep viewers engaged, informed, and connected to the most important information.



An interactive environment allows your audience to engage with content for a more personalized experience. Content in an interactive environment is versatile and can be utilized for directories, wayfinding, data visualization, storytelling, customer engagements, timelines, and experiential concepts.


Kiosks make the deployment of digital signage easier, quicker, and more cost effective in high traffic areas or where mounting displays on the wall isn’t optimal. Single or double-sided, interactive or passive, indoor or outdoor, kiosks can perform a wide range of functions and applications in any space.

Digital Signage Services​

Creative Services

Content is key to ensuring your audience is engaged with your digital signage. AVPro specializes in producing content such as interface design, animated visuals, video, and custom-branded layouts that amplifies the effectiveness of your digital signage.

Content Strategy

Our digital signage team will work with you to gain an understanding of your audience, your business requirements, and the experience you are looking to create. We’ll develop the right governance plan to ensure content is easily distributed.

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